Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Is In The Air

Cool, crisp air. Hot tea in the morning. A strong desire for cuddly blankets and Audrey Hepburn movies. Pulling sweaters and corduroys out of storage. That's right! The season is changing folks! And while the leaves may not be in quite their glorious array of orange, gold, and burgundy just yet, Autumn is upon us even now.

While winter holds its charm for me in the form of hot cocoa and leafless trees frosted in ice, and spring its wonderful aroma of fresh buds and new flowers, Autumn is the most dear season to me of all. (Summer cannot even be accounted for since it doesn't last long where I live, and I can't stand the heat that even accompanies it's two short months.) And so with the arrival of fall comes my great excitement of my Autumn Arrivals!

Except new Autumn-esque greeting cards! Black lace , rustic brown, golden yellows, and gold metal are overrunning new jewelry and beaded accessories! I am a little late in the forthcoming Autumn Arrival line of Trina's Trinkets, but I am working hard to insure that all will be available before mid-September. Keep checking back here, at Etsy, and also on Twitter and Facebook for the announcement of Autumn Arrivals: Greeting Cards. And also expect to see a post on writing homespun messages inside blank cards!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stamped Cards

Good news! I finally have hand stamped cards for sale on Etsy! Stamping cards is my favorite thing to do when I want to experiment with color combinations and different texture effects. The layering process of stamped image, paper, and ribbon is also a big plus for me. I've never been good at drawing or painting, but I can be very creative. And making cards gives me that kinsthetic ability to make art and make it look good. :)

I hope to have more cards available soon, so keep checking back for new additions. And if you have a special order for coordinating invitations and thank you cards, please e-mail me at and I'll see what I can do.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy Favorite: KelRae Designs

To show off my favorite Etsy shops I'm going to start adding a "Etsy Favorite Of The Week". This week's Etsy Favorite is for KelRae Designs, an Etsy shop owned by my very own Aunt Kelly! KelRae Designs specializes in tote bags and throw pillows, but other hand sewn items such as crayon rolls for children and mini wallets for ladies can also be found there. You can check out her shop at

KelRae Designs started after Kelly first heard of Etsy on the popular morning news program "Good Morning America". Kelly enjoys sewing very much and she especially enjoys sewing tote bags. Experimenting with different color combinations is very inspiring for Kelly and her shop shows that. Lots of colors and patterns are seen there for just about every taste.

Here is Kelly's favorite item available for sale:

Here is my favorite item for sale at KelRae Designs:

Check out KelRae Designs for more unique hand sewn items!